Junior Golf Coaching

Join Aki Matsumura in his junior coaching programs for the  2016. Anyone looking for a fun and cost-effective way of developing and improving their fundamentals, ball striking and short-game skills this is the program for you.  In addition, all programs will teach you transfer training techniques to take from practice to where it counts whether it is playing on the course, competing in a tournament, or hitting that shot under extreme pressure to win the tournament.

Please contact Aki Matsumura if you would like further information on the programs. Customizable group coaching programs are also available.


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Learn to Golf Coaching

  • Golfers participate in a weekly group skills development class
  • Great way to learn golf in a fun, exciting, and dynamic group setting
  • This is a drop-in class
  • 6 students per coach
  • Tuition $45 per class; $160 for a series of 4 classes


  • Wednesday’s at 4pm
  • Saturday’s at 2pm

Please contact me for availability

Tournament Prep Coaching

  • Ages 11-14, 15-18
  • Golfers participate in a 5-week coaching and training program
  • Two 90 minute skills development coaching sessions
  • Two 30 minute private coaching session
  • One 2 hour on-course coaching session
  • One 9 hole tournament
  • Two goal setting and planning discussion and meetings.
  • Learning player specific golf coaching and how to train to become most effective
  • Learning course management techniques and tournament play
  • Learning accountability and responsibility
  • 6 golfers per group
  • Tuition $350

*Private coaching must be used within the the 4 week session

Golf Ready Coaching

  • Ages 7-11, 12-15, 15-18
  • Golfers participate in a 4 week coaching and training program
  • Three 60 minute supervised practice sessions
  • One 30 minute private coaching session
  • 6 golfers per group
  • Tuition $199

*Private coaching must be used within the the 4 week session

On-Course Coaching (Introduction to Playing)

  • Ages 7-11, 12-15
  • Golfers will learn how to warm up before playing, rules and etiquette needed for the course, scorekeeping, pace of play, different playing formats, and competition.
  • A great way to introduce sportsmanship on the course, as well and build integrity, responsibility, and honesty.
  • Designed for the golfer how has very limited to no experience on the course.
  • 6 students per coach
  • Tuition: $55 per class ($45 if enrolled in other coaching programs); $180 for series of 4 classes