4 Steps to Mastery


adult-golf-training-mission-viejoStep 1: Understanding Cause and Effect.

In this step we identify your goals and provide a clear concept of what is to be learned based on the essential skills related to ball control.  We determine the players motivation for improvement and assess their level of resource availability and commitment.  A hierarchy of skills is developed to provide the greatest opportunity for improvement. Most traditional lessons begin and end in this step.


Step 2: Supervised Practice.

This step is where the learning of the skill takes place. You discover how to practice through deliberate practice and lots of repetition and feedback.  You receive more coaching than teaching because you already understand the cause and effect to learn the essential skill.


Step 3. Transfer Training

Transfer Training is where you learn to transfer the skill that is being learned to the golf course or competition by simulating conditions you will experience. Think of each set of skills as a link in a chain. Under pressure, the weakest link will be stressed each and every time. Without transfer training it is impossible to take a newly learned skill and make it work on the course or competition.


Step 4. Play

Playing on the golf course is the only place to reach your potential of playing better golf. Through on course coaching sessions you will learn critical decision making training






Image by Alan Pittman – GolfDigest.com

Everyone has heard that your performance comes from Quality not Quantity, but in reality it is the Quantity of the Quality of practice you put in that makes you improve.  If you take a look at the history of the greatest golfers who ever played, such as Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, just to name a few, they have out worked every one of their competition and that is why they have reached the pinnacle in their era.

There is only one way to improve in anything that you do. Yes, you’ve got it, It’s practice! But not any kind of practice, its deliberate practice. I need to change the way you think about practice and make it more similar to experiences you will see on the golf course when you play.  Through expert coaching, full-swing and short game assessments, testing, drills and games we create on-course experiences to transition you to meeting all of your goals.

Now, not everyone here is looking to be the next Tiger or Annika, but you do have your own aspirations and goals you wish to achieve. A coaching program is the best way for you to implement your skills and transition yourself from the practice area to the golf course.  There are 4 Steps to Mastery, and single golf lessons won’t give you the opportunity to walk through all the steps.  I will encourage everyone to participate in a coaching program to give us the chance to improve your end result, playing better golf!